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Aruba Kite is a subsidiary of Aruba Active Vacations (AAV).

Our mission is to provide avid holiday goers with a range of fun and dynamic activities that capitalise on the best of what Aruba has to offer, allowing them to experience the stunning beauty of Aruba in a unique and rewarding way.

Aruba Active Vacations is owned and operated by the vivacious, ex pro-windsurfer Wim Eelens. Wim has brought the company from its humble beginnings as a small windsurfing rental company in 2001, to today being Aruba’s only activity company to offer landsailing and mountain biking in addition to its watersports division.

Being the first kitesurfing school established on Aruba, AAV has over ten years of teaching experience and knows how to guarantee that you will have the safest, most exhilarating kiteboarding lessons in a manner tailored to your exacting requirements.  




Kitesurfing Aruba 2009 from denis popov on Vimeo.

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