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Although kite surfing is without doubt the most fun you can have on the water, it is also a potentially dangerous sport, not only to yourself but also to others around you. It is therefore essential to learn kitesurfing with the guidance of an instructor who can ensure your safety and understanding, allowing you to enjoy the experience and progress confidently.

At AAV we go through the stages of teaching at your pace, making sure that you are fully comfortable and competent with each step. We all know that up on the board and flying is where you want to be, and we can make that happen for you, but not just by strapping you to a board and kite before wishing you good luck!

We pride ourselves on giving you the best kitesurfing experience imaginable, which is why we replace all our equipment every year, bringing you the latest innovations whilst making certain you have the safest yet most exciting experience.

Outlined below is a guide to your progression through the lessons, each being two hours long. Of course, everyone is unique and those that have experience flying stunt kites and/or wakeboarding have a distinct advantage, however on average, most people progress as follows…

1st Lesson – Kite flying basics

Lesson Nr 1 This first lesson starts on land with a small, trainer kite and progresses to the beach where we explain how to rig up your kite. Depending on how well you mastered the various kite-flying exercises on land there may be some time to try your hand at a four-line kitesurfing kite in the water. Covered in this lesson is:-

  • The Wind Window and the Power Zone
  • Upwind / Downwind
  • Kite terminology


How to Control the Kite

  • Habits to avoid and to instil.
  • Clock positions
  • Figure 8’s and variations
  • Power dips
  • Introducing the harness and one handed kite control
  • Rigging the Kite

2nd Lesson – Core Skills

This lesson and all after it are in the water with a kite. It is of a predominantly practical nature although we also discuss a little about potential hazards, location and conditions. This lesson focuses on your essential kite skills, ensuring that you can confidently re-launch your kite and get back to your board before you start making runs. Included in the lesson:-

  • Launching the kite from the beach
  • Demonstration of how the kite works and how pulling/pushing the bar affects the behaviour of the kite.
  • General kite control - The clock positions and one handed kite control.
  • Re-launching the kite from the water. What to do in multiple scenarios and wind strengths.
  • Upwind body dragging – getting back to your board.
  • Downwind body dragging – board retrieval and self rescue.

3rd Lesson –Water start

Trying to stand up on the board whilst controlling the kite is the most exciting, entertaining and challenging part of learning to kiteboard. Our experienced instructors will get you up, riding and enjoying the thrill of blasting along, sending a flume of water in your wake!

  • Explanation of the water start.
  • Keeping the kite at 12 with one hand.
  • Getting your feet in the footpads.
  • The water start. Power-dips, board direction and balance.

4th Lesson –Water start & Riding

Getting up on the board is one thing, staying up on it is quite something else! We will guide you through this tricky stage with expert and astute supervision, ensuring that you get that mile long run in, even if Venezuela is the next stop! At this stage we are often heading a little further away from the beach as you start to make longer runs, so we continue to coach you from one of our rescue boats, making sure that you are safe and continue to progress. Instruction includes:-

  • The relationship between board direction and speed.
  • Balance and weight distribution
  • Stance
  • Kite position and power strokes. What to do with your kite to stay riding.

5th Lesson – Riding & Edging

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Once you’re up and riding the next challenge will be to begin edging the board, controlling your direction and making ground upwind. Mastering this is a true high point with your kitesurfing, as you are now an independent kiteboarder, able to return to your starting point. Should you accomplish this often elusive achievement, many years of AAV tradition insists that the worthy kite instructors receive a crate of chilled beer in celebration!

Further Lessons If you already know the basics and want to learn more, our experienced and knowledgeable instructors will show you how. We can help you with virtually any aspect of your kitesurfing that you would like to improve, however our further lessons include:-

  • Turning
  • Slide turn
  • Carving turns
  • Riding toeside
  • Jumping
  • Freestyle - Backloops, Frontloops, riding blind etc…




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