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Aruba Kite is without doubt situated at the best spot on the whole of Aruba! This very same spot serves as the launch site and headquarters for the annual Aruba Hi Winds Pro/Am, the only PWA Grand Prix World Cup Event in the Caribbean!

The Fisherman’s Huts is the only beach on Aruba where you can learn to kitesurf, however Aruba Kite is located the furthest away from the gusty conditions of the high rise hotels, ensuring the cleanest winds, and this along with the warm, flat and waste deep water makes for the perfect setting to learn or progress with your kitesurfing.

Year round trade winds and constant glorious sunshine guarantee that every day of your vacation is a good day to learn how to kitesurf, so what are you waiting for, book yourself a lesson today!




Kitesurfing Aruba 2009 from denis popov on Vimeo.

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